Business plan for the 6-month maternity

Wednesday, 20/06/2012, 11:19 GMT+7

Shortly after Congress agreed to increase maternity leave of women employees from 4 months to 6 months from 05.01.2013, many businesses have thought of many options to cope with the situation of vulnerability.

Dr Hoang Lan, deputy general director of JSC may Hoguom said the vulnerability of the 6 major impact on production and business, especially for unit rate employees Women such as the garment industry.

Ms. Lan said because the employee benefits business will not act against the law. But now, this unit had planned to fill the personnel compensation, and adopt policies to encourage female employees to work ahead of time if they are ready. If more women apply for maternity leave on the same production company will be hiring new employees.

Lo compensate businesses fill staff when female employees maternity leave for 6 months. Artwork.

"Business is difficult but also committed to ensuring the rights of labor, children are sturdy, reassuring her new work. Sisters During 9 months pregnant, and companies will calculate staffing", Ms. Lan said.

The same point, Ms. Vu Thi Hau, deputy general manager Fivimart supermarket said it would hire new workers to fill the gaps when employees on maternity leave. Characteristics of the distribution of consumer goods mostly unskilled workers should not be hard recruiting and training. With its prime location, part-time workers will work for employees on maternity leave.

According to Hau, a practice that has no major impact on business operations, ensuring the rights of women. By the female employees return to work, labor reserves "bond" before it will be rotated into new positions due to "continuous expansion system" - she said.

Talking to, Tran Tien Thinh, director of the Business Corporation consultancy and business management Tinhvan that business standpoint, the new maternity can be confusing. In fact, four months maternity leave has now caused many headaches unit.

However, in the context of Vietnam is one of the countries with rates of child malnutrition in the world, then this policy has social meaning, the people agreed. Accordingly, Mr. Thinh said that now - before the time of application for maternity leave about a new cycle of pregnancy, need to change business strategy, positioning workers to adapt and have contingency plans store employees.

Some solutions are offered as he Thinh encourage workers to do ahead of time, as half a day to enjoy two children and wages is paid product sales; calculation, hire new personnel to replace; rotation of between components to minimize the extent of damage ...

On the afternoon of 18/6, Congress passed the amendment of the Labor Code. Accordingly, from the date of 05.01.2013, female workers maternity leave 6 months instead of 4 months as at present. Expected that the next time, the government will issue more than 20 decrees guiding the implementation of the new law.

Although businesses do not say, but experts fear labor and employment policies will create some "potholes" for the next labor but have seen great benefit. That is the number of businesses require employees time commitment will increase fertility, female labor go back to work when the risk of fall in the new location, even fired.

At the Vietnam Business Forum held in Hanoi on 29/5, Mark Gillin, vice president of AmCham Vietnam said that the provisions of the Labor Code as overtime at 200 hours per year and five maternity leave -6 months makes low productivity of the enterprise. This reduces the competitiveness of Vietnam, the limited goal of improving labor conditions and difficult to attract FDI. Evidence was given that Mr. Mark Gillin, average productivity growth annually between 2007 and 2009 was 0%.

Written : Xuân Ngọc