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, 07/07/2012, 14:58 GMT+7

Statue made from more than 10,000 kinds of buttons

SGTT.VN - two calves, sheep, eight legs, fish hair, to protect the chastity pants woman in 16th century West ... these are not easy to imagine objects in the human mind is useful in a huge collection of museums called Believe it or not! (Believe it or not!) On the right path Radhuspladsen central square of the capital, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The weather began in Copenhagen East, everywhere covered by a gray, gray to dull, the fun outdoor activities capital of this northern European country such as slowing down, the ancient stone path along follow the canal from the 17th century hotel was deserted, people seem to love hiding out somewhere in the office, the oldest pubs escape the cold winter. I also find a private place away malaria, and the museum is a reasonable choice in the winter day in Copenhagen.

The innovative model

Copenhagen as well as the ancient city of northern Europe is that there are many museums, but the most unique and impressive to me that's Believe it or not museum! Where I have the opportunity to discover the most bizarre of the world through specific objects, displayed in a compact space founded by Robert Ripley.

Calves ends. Photo: Nguyen Dinh

Step through the doors of the museum and exhibits first impression for me is the huge mammoth bones pearling. Soon after the introduction of regional artifacts with strange ideas, the human hand is made from a sophisticated, clever with long days of labor to get it. It is the woman made more than 10,000 kinds of clothing buttons in different colors, giant robot nearly 3m high with all the details are originating from an old car. Pyramid made from thousands of ice cream, an iconic temple of love and romance - Tah Mahal in India should fall from millions of matchsticks, the type of model ships in Northern Europe and the beautiful 17th century ... amazingly perfect. All the objects in this space is a challenge of patience, creativity with the time factor for all those who intend to perform a similar work.

Owner museum, Robert Ripley - an American who was born in 1893 - had traveled only 189 countries around the world to collect the odd artifacts brought back on display at museums Believe it or not! Which has now become a series of 28 museums in ten countries around the world in Copenhagen museum and a museum Believe it or not! unique in Europe.

These objects are incredible but true

Statue made ​​from more than 10,000 kinds of buttons. Photo: Nguyen Dinh

Explore each big or small artifacts in the museum are reminded viewers a wonder, a curiosity by not think that it could do, such as carved toothpicks shaped like flamingos , the huge amount of luck, or the Queen of Denmark portraits made from cuttings of cloth washing machine, and has both a collection of signatures of Napoleon from his youth until becoming a genius general.

Not huge, majestic as the heavily museum display set. The museum Believe it or not!, The objects are arranged in sequence and has its own language, so that viewers wear jewelry to find out, discover the quaint feel of it as their own. For example, it is difficult to figure out the currency in some parts of the world are just pieces of pottery, pigs canine, canines dogs ...

In this museum, I know how freely explore other interesting thing, something strange and interesting also. They are Mr. Robert Earl Hughes was born weighing 5 kg, but to the age of 32, he reached up to 481kg weight. Next to that is the image of two men, one the world's tallest with a height of 2.72 m, and the dwarf in the world with a height of 45cm.

The pictures should link from the stamps to be her charming Geisha, the assembled sandwich pictures, or objects made of President Lincon dollar canceled sheets, grains have small handwriting in the world ...

Each corner of the museum, each kind, each space, always suggestive to see this amazing feeling to all other surprises. There are details that curious visitors, discuss and laugh the most is the bikini pants to protect a woman's virginity in 16th century West is cast iron, with belt with chains, key hook, which looks very rugged, heavy and ... scary. It makes viewers - often talk about you - do not know if wearing metal pants on how they would feel? The travel, sit out back ...

Less than two hours to explore the exhibits at the museum, but as opening up a repository of information about things seemingly could not exist in the human world. It thus adding to the action page Table of my days in Copenhagen most enjoyable and memorable.

Written : Nguyễn Đình