Diu darkness of the early morning sunshine

Monday, 02/07/2012, 11:16 GMT+7

TT - Nearly 19 hours and ending the civil defense only came up about 6 m 2 in Quarter 6, Cau Kho, D.1, HCMC noisy, animated because ê studying with a voice, speaking over laughter 20 children team member Kim Dong protection.

Few know the behind the smile was clear, the most team members live in the absence of his father's arms, the warmth of the mother, struggling fiercely every day, every hour between the lines bad to good order for her to keep her childhood. Quarter 6 this was a "hot spot" of social evils and selling drugs. Those adults who lost, who go to jail, guys gone for land, left behind as the kids ...

Thorns and roses

Mrs. Doan Thi Thuy Tien, deputy head of the culture - D.1 information, comments: "From the guards Kim Dong was born, the children in Cau Kho where healthy living, learn to know away from social evils, caring, protecting each other from bad people. Ward and neighborhood should continue to care, they care little more, can be directed to the staff they become elite groups are useful for society later. "

"In the past I usually go with a couple of his big sister who was ringing the doorbell to his house. In the afternoon, I stood on Nguyen Van Cu bridge put into plastic bag water, water down the fighting pedestrians, and cyclists themselves away behind the adult pat ... "- Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (11 years) was I would rather tell the played games. Living with his grandfather, mother to jail for selling drugs, she left without a trace, Quynh themselves strive to sell lottery tickets have been living for several years.

Sitting next to Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Trang (14 years) contributed talk: "I do, or fighting, burning bridges, throw rocks, he said. I go out from morning to night 1g-2g no one asked about that anymore. " My parents have died of HIV, a living page lingered with his grandmother ... In this neighborhood Cau Kho, Quynh circumstances, page not rare. Nor is rare these days, the night the neighbors noisy, messy adult language kids yelled as the mischievous pranks throughout the night.

The days of living, there is a restlessness. Le Thi Nga, a protected group members Cau Kho population, thought I must do something before the children fall into this vicious cycle deadlock: playboy evils of mother, father previously . She called my father against Ivory one neighbor confided to the beginningless, the role assigned to them as "soldiers guards Kim Dong". "Adults have the protection of population, Kim Dong's security team will defend us to you, the children, get it?", Simple question that has turned a child into an adult .

Le Thi Nga (standing) and the children of the security team member Kim Dong-Photo: Do ​​African

From a "super-stirring" of the neighborhood 6, Pham Van Kiet (12 years) known to let her run away when they see you with Ivory predator seduce drugs, with some of the Syndicate, dark corner. Thuy Trang was only throwing stones, fighting her country that becomes a mature team leader, manage and care for girls ... Gradually, key people become tiny room of the children, where she Ivory ask, care, there are peers enjoy childhood together. They are "Ivory cheek" teaching English, teaching painting, singing and dancing. Despite the rainy day, in a room with wood and mica fragile, more than 20 children still come, eager eyes shining, mouth open to read every sentence of dialogue round plain English.

School board of the children are special, as the paper is A4 Ivory castigate her writing, temporarily tape the corners to the wall, then remove to finish school. I always cherish and keep the "table" plain, once the study. The smaller children are learning paint, paint. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Anh baby (age 6), an orphan, softly said: "I much prefer color here, because you play them, Ms. Ivory was scored for each of you again." Teacher Tran Thi Thanh, a farmer in the neighborhood, broken rules, "Since you have group activities, which she managed Ivory, peaceful neighborhood was true ...".

"On this hand, full of love offering"

Kim Dong Guard also actively took part in many competitions by precinct, county, city organization, became the face of "delegates" make the neighborhood chatter 6 must be proud. Recently, through more than 8,500 submissions of the students in District 1, the team had five awards (three first prizes, two second prize) in the contest by reading diary District 1 People's Committee held .

Tran Duc Nhan (12 years), selling pancakes side her mother and grandmother, won the second prize of this contest, said timidly, "I missed school from grades 4, but you have been out here or strip (civil defense - PV ) borrow books to read and write in their journals about the experience. I do like to write. The mother is asking for back to school. " Furthermore, art competition, traffic safety, sand painting, bowl ... Where has the shadow of the team celebrated Kim Dong and all ... a solution. Huynh Tan Dat (14 years) show grinned: "Normally I go all fighting, now here painting, winning bowl again, and again praised gifted ...".

Most proud of the team is Kim Dong entire group's activities are managed by the children themselves together, their captain, a deputy, the female captain, Team, treasurer, secretary but really. For funding, they plan to organize a small, divide ourselves ve collected bottles, old books, fund groups specified pay 10,000 VND / month / you. In her diary of meeting them are the words you castigate their names involved, clearly delegated soccer team, the team borrow books, singing group ... management to work with each other. Vo Thi Hong Van (17 years) with chronic kidney wasting disease but are you 100% vote of the elected supervisors. Van told it was a great motivation to help children cope with illness.

Share of activities of the Kim Dong, Le Thi Nga face, "mother tongue" of the team, lit up: "Children, especially children with difficult circumstances, are very fragile white paper , should be cherished and loved so much. Kim Dong with my team as a family, heard the children call "cheek", that they offered arms folded, so it is fun. "

Participating in an activity, leave behind us were singing rang out clear of all new love songs, all of the traditional guards Kim Dong: On this hand, loves full offer. You have to, come to this place. Alleviate the pain, with this grief. Diu tomorrow night on the sun ... So, any child when Kim Dong team will first learn this song, like a greeting early morning sunshine ahead ...

"Diu tomorrow night on the sun"


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