Story of a button

Three trees bunched up ...

Sunday, 30/05/2010, 13:38 GMT+7

"Ten years ago, when no other option, with a capital of only few tens of million, we were desperate to start production from shell buttons for export, with self-made machine with 4 - five workers on his small attic. Though very determined and believe in the chosen path, but we still did not expect to be today. " Ton Anh Thanh Nghia, Director of Religious Shirt Button Co., Ltd. Office, said at the inauguration of a new factory in Binh Duong, and celebrate 10 years of development path of the company today 2-6.

Back then, to implement ideas like none of his, he just means a director has a mechanic, just as the design models. The brother in charge of technical design doubles run legs purchasing shells from South to North. Both manager and worker learning by doing; and studying creativity, self-made machinery, apparatus ... Sewing techniques to ensure technical quality, world class design for 100% export products (domestic market at that time there was no precedent for the production and use shell buttons made ​​... buildings). Workshops are small attic of her family. Capital was sold by his mother a few acres of land in the country posted. Yet now, the product of his cousin Sun conquered the fashion market hard, such as Japan, America ... Head over Crown Company (Hong Kong). No. of employees has increased both the 100 people; customer facilities ... 2 children up impressive numbers. Ton Van has great-chiu build a spacious premise on a campus than 1 ha have modern workshop, a motel, cafeteria workers. And with quite a fashionable slogan "Bringing nature into fashion," said Ton Van was confident the professional level, instead of a handmade base date. "Innovation, not surrender, that is the virtue of success. That he has done so. " Mr. Ohno - a Japanese businessman, customer first, faithful companion and benefactor from the Religious Literature starting a business - comment. Back in the Day VN "Ton Van birthday a new," Mr. Ohno led by Hong Kong businessman Group 7 - partners and potential customers of Religious Literature in a new development stage.

He said That great things come to him as a grace, a blessing rather than talent. But behind the luck that is a persistent effort, the power of a united family, a collective. "Three trees bunched up so high mountain." Top of the flagpole or a palm tree on the campus buildings are clustered Ton Van 3 shows the unity and remind him. Broader view, create your own with the pressures and challenges, Ton Van is looking forward to the cooperation, links with domestic and foreign enterprises to reach out more products in the fashion market.
Written : Minh Hà