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Mr. Buddha in the land of cherry blossoms

Thursday, 07/06/2012, 15:32 GMT+7

Ten years, in which the professor - old Dr. Tadashi Yamamoto (Toyohashi Hospital, Japan) also returned to Quang Nam. Termites "wage coast" between him and the land Quang brought smiles to hundreds of patients. I call Professor Tadashi Yamamoto as "Mr. Buddha".

The finding "lost smile"

Sixteen years girl, Nguyen Thi Asian CaDong so sad and living in alienation, rejection of the villagers. I do not know why my face again strange, unusual compared to others. Later someone said she affected you and Agent Orange. I surprised as normal parents, and two sisters back "abnormal". Date of birth Asia, the villagers look to the lips open, bare roof of the mouth, nose, deep down ... have seemed alarmed. And they claim, haunted my parents so their two children are born like that. Not bear the rejection of the villagers, leaving parents in Asia anguish and despair. My parents died, the sisters took hold fast to each other Asian forest cover live. Vibrant as trees, such as grass, and also two sisters grew up. In 2006, Asia heard the village health workers and medical doctors say that the Japanese delegation cure of children. Forest harvesting vegetables, selling chickens, gathered more than hundred thousand, from the mountains of Tra My, Asia finds its way to General Hospital of Quang Nam expect to escape for his life. There I met, "said Buddha." They are dedicated to making examinations and surgery after surgery, Asia does not believe his face again. CaDong girl's smile more radiant section. In addition to the professor - old doctors surgery, free medicine, he also Asian money on cars. Asian security next year I'll be down to his aesthetic again.

Expectant forever and youngest son also was born in the ultimate joy of his family Huynh Van (Dai Nghia, Dai Loc district). But the joy did not last long when he saw how little children are not perfect, your baby has severe cleft palate. House with a few acres of land, two siblings do not have a baby should career finished, his sadness Van brushed aside rummage around in Da Lat to sell corn for a walk, for child support, even after the disease. On 7-7-2009, heard that Japanese doctors surgical team cleft lip, cleft palate, he turned the car throwing corn to put on, take me to therapy. On to new hospitals or private surgical closed list. Commercial baby, "said Buddha," the doctor recommended any medical hospital, he will peck. And, boy's surgery Huynh Van Hoa (6 months) is also the last song of the first surgery in 2009 in Quang Nam. The surgery is over, look, "said Buddha," Tadashi Yamamoto wipe off the glass eyes, exhaled, looked and sounded pleased to joke after the last surgery, many people have touched broth ...

That's just two of hundreds of patients with cleft palate was "Mr. Buddha" bring smiles intact.

Professor Yamamoto (No. 5, right) with team doctors Japan, South Korea to Quang Nam in 2006.

The heart of the old professor volunteer

Ten years at Quang Nam, hundreds of patients with cleft palate was his smile returned. Prior to Quang Nam, he had surgery in China, Cambodia ... In 1995, he first arrived in Vietnam and charitable operations in Ben Tre. In 2000, virtues and affection hear "the marketing, the Quang Nam enticement" of the Japanese translators (native of Quang Nam), the world is his. "And we can not go elsewhere," said his witty jokes.

"He Whose" reminding Huynh Van Hoa and her mom for her examination CaDong Nguyen Thi Asia.

What makes you stick with the Quang Nam so long? He said that, had surgery in Hue, Hanoi but nowhere that he liked and to do good in Quang Nam. Because patients with poorer here, needed him more, he felt that his work more meaningful thinking twice. Perhaps the intimate "said Buddha," and poor patients also presented in land Quang thinking very Quang Nam: "The mother tongue pain laden children are born to be imperfect, but the comedy was very painful, I also have to suffer the ill, the suffering around anything with ". Squinting eyes narrowed even delicate, old professor joked: "Well, and by that he means in Quang Nam - very cute interpreter, including delicious seafood and more."

In 2010, his old professor Tadashi Yamamoto will turn 65, retirement. He said, next year, every day is Sunday, he will have no conditions on grants, advocacy for your medications anymore. But he still goes on whenever Quang Nam, provided the patients are still needed him, long legs also go.

As a professor-skilled physician, was invited to preach in many hospitals, where he also used the prestige of their campaign, funded medicines, medical supplies for patients Quang land. Ten years, he has campaigned for Quang Nam Hospital dozens container medications, medical supplies ... worth more than ten billion. In particular, because he and his son were a hospital doctor that Toyota Toyota has funded hospital in Quang Nam a brand new ambulance worth more than a billion. What about the trip and the Quang Nam were led by their own pocket. He used to take advantage of the winter holiday, New Year to make the trip volunteers. Sometimes friends are also free to bring doctors together to Vietnam.

Sticking to his ten year, Ton Thanh Nghia interpreter said: "The salary of a professor's reputation, skilled as no less where he Yamamoto. But how many offers he accumulates charity patients Quang Nam like this before. " Mr. Yamamoto repeatedly confided to him means that the previous day rather cramped but now own two sons to be well relaxed, without repair, as home to do. The Japanese capital technology like life, your home comfort Mr. Yamamoto do, just control the TV from the wall turned out, with the server. But his wife is not very interested in that. "I have a wonderful wife!" Said Yamamoto praised her so many times. Because only sympathize for her new how much money he will ... bring all poor patients in Quang Nam. Perhaps because the two men she has a warm heart, and heart charity.