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To help the poor children of disadvantaged children at the club 25 Kim Dong career. Under the proposal of the People's District 1, Ho Chi Minh. Corporate Communications & Advertising ATD coordinate with District People's Committee held a career outings for the children in shelters Kim Dong factory Ton Van Binh Duong buttons on 29.06.2012. This is one of the project activities in the media for student career I would be ...

They have the opportunity to hear, see and do together. Practical experience in professional life, working processes of a plant sx ... to promote the potential creative thinking abilities, and they shared their dreams and thereby idea to realize his dreams. This is a community project investment by enterprises and projects need to recruit some volunteers, candidates.
Concentric, enthusiastic, dynamic, creative.
Prioritize your experience, ability to participate in organizing social activities, the ability to lead.
- The actual playing experience
- The care of travel expenses and retraining.
- Supported three breakfast, lunch, late.
- To donate clothing of the project I would be ...
- Special: The project has other activities such as reality television game show, Radio Are you a ... The press should always be television involved (according to various sources of VTV is a ^ ^)
- Chances are the official candidates later in the business activities of the project.
- This is not the Union Society activities, so you will not participate in training points.
- Revision of volunteers is looking for young agents, capable intention to participate in activities of social support for the position guide, sales, PR, Marketing of the project I will be .. . if you do want a future work part time or full-time through social activities to be trained, then the experience should also be involved.
- As the number is limited, the sooner you sign up by this comment below (full name, phone number) and I will choose according to criteria based on the previous day Monday 5/14/6.
You can consult the website: consela. Vn
Contact: 0650 3 716 599              

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