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Friday, 28/12/2012, 07:30 GMT+7

Mr. Ton Thanh Nghia, Director Ton Van shell buttons Co.,Ltd  started out like so many others: It was to escape poverty. But why but the buttons get his inheritance million dollar back story makes people excited.

After 15 years, Ton Van has become the address provided familiar old remote button pond products of many major brands in the fashion world. Sales each year of Ton Van $ 1.5 million, the average price of a shirt button is 1,000 shareholders. Take a simple calculation can imagine the number of remote buttons populate Ton Van offer the world market. It who turned a blind eye, head of business and drunk with these virtual button itself is a hydraulic engineer, this also unexpectedly to myself at him.

"It's not fancy really. Graduated from college and then go to work state, meager wages, so I have only one greatest dream was to work abroad to earn wages kha kha only, never thought I could use in production and to date is considered the second most in the area of ​​pond nut away from home ".

NHA-style poverty

The first question I would ask, what inspired him to build own career?

Immediately after graduation, I think most have to do something meaningful for his life and also to repay what that life gives me. And want to pay a lot of are bosses. Another important thing is self one nation. When doing business abroad, I always think, why they do it and I've not done. Intelligence back being a ham techniques, see people get success and try to make the tapes of all time.

But why is the button, the message is probably completely unfamiliar with expertise and his own interest?

Grace is that which button to push me to the county, then drunk with it. The first phase began work on a new continuous supply failure, but by a queer invention so that hearing people, willing to go back to work. I was very happy when you are processing, to early intelligent fix to measure, until no longer to their tea, it was at the Sun still has the finished product and are accepted on the market.

And how long he takes to get the finished product?

At start-up, I think about 5 years I will master all this technology, but the fact that 10 years still not enough, so far as 15 years, then there are still challenges, but is installed that I was much more confident.

What is the biggest challenge for a firm to make buttons for export as Ton Van, sir?

The single greatest obstacle remains Technical. Fashion design industry keeps seasonal changes, so I also have to change frequently to meet. Minh to compete with foreign businesses, while their modern technical means, a new form yet simply put on the garment is finished. Every intelligence is not air-laser should be creative techniques for using one of other principles, which can produce a product with a quality not inferior.

So why did not the investment air laser, productivity and higher accuracy will certainly?

Complete laser sets as can be achieved through, proving poor, gender in the poor house style. A laser machine set to all cars and all wage workers and no play. Techniques must calculate the stars to less costly but effective so similar.

His could have ever thought of having to update the latest technology to be able to get as you have?

Written : THU HƯƠNG