Because the job, the staff of life-Labour

Friday, 27/04/2012, 07:56 GMT+7


Take care of the material life and morale of the staff of-Labour, build harmonious labor relations, stability and progress in the enterprise

Tonight, 27-4, at HCMC Labour Culture Palace, "May Workers (CN)" 2012 will be celebrated opening. Over 2000 the staff of-Labour will be his big day (to be broadcast live at 20 hours 30 minutes on HTV9).

"This is the 4th year, HCM City Labor Federation held the" Month of CN "with many diverse activities, practical, especially in trade unions (CD) basis to the comprehensive care team for the staff of both animal-Labour TP physical, and spiritual "- Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Permanent Vice Chairman of HCMC Labor Federation, said so. Rolled out in 2009, thanks to constant innovation and ways of organizing its activities into depth, "May CN" has received the consensus of society in caring for the staff of-Labour team. In particular, recently, the Party Central Committee's Secretariat has agreed to marry in May each year as "May CN" as proposed by the General Labor Union of Vietnam. HCM City Party Committee Standing Committee also issued Notice No. 15-TT/TU of organizational leadership "May CN" every year.

"May CN" this year, the Labor Federation continue to implement five major programs such as "Meet and dialogue", "9th Hour", "To overcome difficulties Sun", "Co-operate with enterprises", "Hand gold ". These programs make their mark for "May CN". In particular, the new definition of "May CN" This year is the "heart of love" to mobilize a hand, social contributions of support Sun's situation particularly difficult is heart disease surgery value, help you overcome illness to continue to work to care for their families and contribute to society. Besides exercise cardiac surgery hospitals are exempt or reduce costs, the level colleges will mobilize donors, businesses involved in direct assistance each specific case. Over the Labor Union movement of TP and colleges at all levels, and now has about 30 business support funding for the program.

Also in the morning 27-4, at the Culture Palace will open TP "fair discount" for the staff of-Labor. At present there are 30 booths of clothing, footwear, food, books, stationery ... participate in the discount rate from 10% to 50%. The staff of-Labour can tour, shopping at the fair from 7 hours 30 minutes to 22 hours on days 27-4 28-4. Each booth will support discounts of at least 3 million for the "heart of love".

Focusing their efforts for the "heart of love"

26-4 morning, HCMC Labor Union leaders have visited and worked with City Heart Institute program "The heart of love". HCM City Heart Institute will support the operation cost for 5 cases particularly difficult. City Labor Federation leader profound thanks to the team of nurses, doctors of the city Heart Institute at the same time expressed a desire to continue to receive cooperation and support throughout the Heart Institute in the future.

Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Permanent Vice Chairman of HCMC Labor Federation, thank you flowers team doctors City Heart Institute. Photo: Russia

So far, from 209 original records, LDLD TP and TP health colleges were screened out 33 cases of heart surgery soon. For this case, the HCMC Labor Federation requested level colleges should work with colleges on the basis of campaign contributions from the staff of-Labor, business owners and the regular army to support costs. For those not yet eligible cases (under 5 years of work or the Sun over 6 years) but the situation is too difficult and too severe disease, superior colleges should include in this batch program to care. Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Permanent Vice Chairman of HCMC Labor Federation, said, "For the poor Sun, heart disease is a burden that they themselves could not have handled, while many of them also is main labor in family farming to mother, baby rabies. Therefore, the City Labor Federation earnestly calling for contributing to the society to share as well as more difficult for the Sun the opportunity to live hard, deep water ".

Written : Khánh Linh