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, 29/05/2010, 10:44 GMT+7

Fromideas bring natural to fashion, Director Ton Thanh Nghia- Ton Van shell button Co., Ltd. (Thuan An) has been successful with the product buttons made ​​from shell, shell ...


"Reckless started with little capital to produce buttons from shells, shell export, with four workers and machinery manufactured by I dig around, though believe the start of the path choicebut I did not expect his success today. "It was said of him Ton Thanh Nghia, Director Co., Ltd. button Ton Van talk about the process of bring the brand jacket button developed over the past 10 years.

Capital came as irrigation engineers, more than 10 years ago have time Ton Thanh Nghia agricultural staff in Song Be province, then as a Japanese interpreter for foreign companies, so that now owns a businessmore than 100 workers. The way that the director Co. button shirt Ton Van undergone quite tough, but he is "accumulated experience and learning."
After their stay abroad, the idea of bring nature to fashion, from seashells, shells can make buttons always dogged and inspire you. The decision to make, with little initial capital, only 20 million equivalent with 4 gold plants at the moment that his mother sold the land in their posts to the country, he began to start. In 1997, the basis of buttons Ton Van birth, his first factory producing is stifling small attic in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

According to his Nghia, luck and the grace of his time working for foreign companies is met Mr. Ohno, a Japanese businessman, he is very confident in him. This business has encouraged me a lot and also he can see the value of the products that he and his workers made, suitable for high-end fashion products. After a period working in Vietnam, Ohno to Hong Kong, through the Head Crown company to bring products of Ton Van bridge in Asia and conquered the difficult markets such as Japan, the United States .. .

Each yearforhundredsofthousandsofdollars

So far, after 10 years, from the initial basis Ton Van company has developed into a spacious and has a factory on campus than 1 ha in Thuan An, Binh Duong. The factory hostel collective guarantee for 100% free workers stay in place for playing volleyball, mini football, fitness - fitness ...

Accordingto Ton Thanh Nghia, the ancient machinery that he made ​​himself to start now been bring to the room "souvenir", in favor of machinery imported from Italy. Should be output significantly increased, approximately 100,000 nodes / day. To full production and supply of products to customers, raw material collection now not only in Phu Quoc Island, Central, Northern, he was entering some ingredients from Chinese manufacturers. For a dozen times more expensive than normal buttons, so all products of Ton Van current node are exported each year for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shells, shell rough by machinery and skillful workers, the button colors, sizes polished and crating of high value are exported to foreign countries by plane. Success is but with Ton Thanh Nghia still untapped potential of items from shell, shell. He is expected to do a lot more products from shellfish not stop buttons.

One of thenew ideas that Ton Thanh Nghia concern is mounted where his production into a place for visitors to the village. By made ​​from shells button, not a simple clamshell through 27 stages at the rate of 10 - 20kg new materials to create a kg nodes. Moreover, the uniqueness of this job is indispensable manual dexterity and diligence of the workers. Each time the foreign delegations come here they carefully and praise so much, this is export-oriented foreign currency spot brought many countries have succeeded. "I can do this", he Nghia assured.

HeNghia including, at start-up difficulties hundred surface, the product was difficult, but to find a place to consume the product even more difficult, he also appears in many firms but received the answer "wait ", although the quality of the Ton Van did not lose anyone, including imported products. Perseverance has led him to success today.

Written : BCĐ (Theo Trọng Minh, Báo Bình Dương)