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Business Day Vietnam 13-10: To be honored, more powerful business

Monday, 31/05/2010, 11:58 GMT+7

Recalling a memorable mark son and proud of Vietnam's business: 62 years ago, on 13-10-1945, Uncle Ho's company sent a letter encouraging them to participate in international research, contributing to reconstruction the country has regained from colonial hands. Reset the position of enterprises as well as the world greatest contribution to the process of going up the country, in 2004, the Prime Minister decided on an annual 13-10 business days of Vietnam. 3 years after the business day Vietnam, our country's business community continually grow and assert its role. Particularly in the Pacific, 3 years, a team of business and the business community increased in number, now has about 5,000 company-employed, as long as that leadership with the number of businesses and hundreds of thousands of workers are enriched for their native country and for themselves.

Just as national companies, in terms of 13-10 days, many enterprises in Binh Duong was very moved. Mr. Tran Van Tin, Director ICE Co., Ltd., a young company moved to share: "There are days DN, position and role of society we have been respected. We feel confident and dose on the spirit of enterprise as supplement the courage, will, help companies overcome the challenge. "

Share with colleagues, Doan Quang Nam, a young business, Chairman Board of a lumber company in Binh Duong confident: "Before the threshold of WTO, enterprises have the opportunity to try on an international market equally. Recognition, respect from the community, businesses feel more elated, more power to the big playground. "

There are also companies that respect from the community will help many businesses in his work, see the challenge from the fact that a good lesson to look at their business, know what I need to prepare for competition sharply in the integration period. Mr. Ton Thanh Nghia, Director of Religious Literature Co. buttons (Thuan An), a successful company with products made ​​from shell buttons, shells for export, said: " Each business must know and put yourself in situations from time to time. Businesses through many trials and suffer a loss, but the risk of DN valuable dare Vietnam is facing, confronting challenges, viewing them as the accumulation of experience to learn. "

Integration and development, to keep up and rub shoulders with the country, companies increasingly important role. To say that as a business fronts, in the present context is global fronts, not the guns but very strict. There are business days, get respect from the society will be the firm and the rear stepped out to businesses nationwide "front line", the soldier's duty peacetime expectations of the community. Day 13-10, share emotions for DN Vietnam and the best roses.

List the typical entrepreneur Vietnam Binh Duong province

List the typical entrepreneur Vietnam in 2007:

He Chanachai Earsakul, CEO of Red Bull Company Limited Vietnam.

Ms. Dao Thi Thanh Nguyen, General Manager Trading Company - Import and Export Thanh Le.

List Entrepreneur of the local business sector:

Mr. Bui Manh Lan, Chairman and CEO of JSC-SX-XD TM Hung Thinh.

Mr. Ly Ngoc Bach, director of Cuong Phat Co., Ltd..

Mr Nguyen Quoc Khang, Director Dian Trains.

Mr. Pham Ngoc, director of Breaking Dawn Plastic Co., Ltd..

She Nghiem Van Thanh, Director of Food Packaging Thanh Thuy.

Vo Dinh Thien, director of Joint-Stock Company Dong An PISCO wood.

Kao Shung Wu, General Manager Shyang Hung Cheng Co., Ltd..

Mr. Hsieh Ming Hui, Managing Director Chinli Plastic Co., Ltd..

Mr. Nguyen Sanh, director of Long Thanh Company Limited.

He Hyeong Seop Oh, CEO Hansol Vina Co., Ltd..

Le Van Khoa, director of Dau Tieng Rubber Company.

Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, Chairman - General Manager Manufacturing Company - Pacific Import and Export.

Mr. Huynh Thanh Son, Chairman - General Director of Construction Materials and Binh Duong.

Mr. Le Phuoc Vu, Chairman - General Manager of Lotus Corporation.

Mr. Cao Van Hai, Deputy Director of the Company, Ltd. - TP and NGK Dutch Lady Vietnam.

Mr. Cheng Wen Chin, General Manager Ltd. Uni-President Vietnam.

Mr. Ta Van Cung, Chairman Huu Toan Joint Stock Company.

Nguyen Lam Vien, Director General Trade Co., Ltd. Vinamit.