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Oyster shell tiles back to $ 39 million iPhone 4S

Friday, 15/06/2012, 09:59 GMT+7

The iPhone 4S is crafted with the letters X and artificial diamond and 18K gold-plated oyster shell attached to bring the ocean into "theme" a new look.

Built by order of a Russian company, on the back of the iPhone 4S brings new look to the line X Swarovski artificial diamond.

This version is only a mere production orders 9 units. X is characteristic and is the first letter of name-order companies.
Product line called "Oyster" (oysters). According to company Golden Ace, the processing unit of the product highlights are broken oyster shell oceans are fully imported from Russia. Meticulous grinding materials, creating the colors are characteristic diamond cell.
Products are the 429 Swarovski artificial diamond and 18K gold-plated it.
The product is completed after 153 hours of continuous working of the artists.
Factory price of each product line the back wall is 39 million.

Written : Kiên Cường