Exceptional picture when Venus passing the Sun

Wednesday, 06/06/2012, 15:55 GMT+7

(Zing) - The world has just witnessed one of the rare astronomical event the century: Venus passing the sun. After 105 years, this exciting new phenomenon reproduced.






Venus began to cover the sun and can be seen clearly in New York on 5/6 (now U.S.).
Arctic region, western North America, East Pacific and East Asia is witnessing the phenomenon lasted about 6 hours 40 minutes, while the UK and Europe only see the end.
NASA image shows Venus passing the sun disk. This is one of the rare astronomical events and will not appear again in 2117.
Shadow of Venus passing the sun. This phenomenon occurs only when Venus lies between the sun, Earth and all three planets are on the same line.
Phenomenon of Venus passing the sun is visible on the west coast of Manhattan, New York.
In this photo provided by NASA, the shadow of Venus visible as it passes through the solar disk.
Indian children use eye protection and witness Venus passing the sun at Allahabad. In preparation for a rare astronomical event, the astronomers around the world mounted the telescope special. Venus is the closest planet to Earth No. 2 in the solar system.
New Yorkers use sight glasses enjoy a rare phenomenon in the High Line park.
The phenomenon Venus passing the sun appeared in 2004 and has been observed in London.
Beautiful scene when Venus passing the sun in 2004, in the town of Wakkanai, Japan.

Written : Bình An Theo