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Percentage success was due to my dose

Thursday, 08/09/2011, 11:02 GMT+7

Mr. Nghia Thanh Ton - President

It was his words summed Ton Thanh Nghia - Director shirt Button Co., Ltd. exports Ton Van, who has his name into the ranks of dollar millionaires from the export of buttons made ​​from shells, clams and snails. ..

We do not look out before the admiring and visiting the magnificent headquarters Ltd Ton Van export button shirt opened at 129E Nguyen Dinh Chinh, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

The most interesting is when we know this place 15 years ago, in the cramped attic apartment, hiding in the tiny winding alleys, he means the idea has been simmering bring nature into fashion by producing buttons made from shells, clams, snails (ask to be referred to as the pearl button).


Check the product quality

He said, the "dose" is the first of his decision to abandon their positions and vice president at a major Japanese company after two years of peace of mind to invest the money to develop your career with pearl buttons. Mother of pearl buttons with Ton Van brand they created it.

With experience accumulated after years of study, plus knowledge of an irrigation engineer (Polytechnic University of HCMC), he is confident about the feasibility of the idea of ​​mother of pearl button production, but embarking on new work that is not easy.

To find material, from north to south, there is not a local mother of pearl shell without his footsteps.  And not to mention how his night tinkering machine-made to suit product requirements.

After a period of four working hard heart, he brought his first product to introduce a clothing company, but where he also received subterfuge with the advice "just be patient ...  wait ".

Market first

Workers cut mother of pearl buttons embryos

Realizing the Vietnam market is not indifferent to this new product, he decided to ... dose button pearl exports. With the advantage of proficiency in Japanese, that Japanese people love the product close to nature, he decided on the Japanese market first.

 "The result is being processed" - meaning he laughed, including - "When a new product launch, is the result of much dedication and effort, so I look at what is seen along the horizontal look nice, but for water customers in addition, they rated the quality of mother of pearl buttons are still low, the product does not meet aesthetic and processing techniques are rudimentary. Fortunately, they would also know that their processing to improve. "

After that defeat, meaning he started training for skilled workers, skilled workers by the new product meets the requirements, and of course find the best materials possible. He is also in regular contact with potential partners in Japan to ask about technical requirements, aesthetics of the product.

 Moved by his willpower, a Japanese businessman has introduced pearl button Ton Van with a partner in Hong Kong, the market has been drowned by the Chinese mother of pearl buttons. And luckily he was smiling after a great effort: The Hong Kong have recognized the uniqueness of pearl buttons Vietnam and highly competitive commodity. Finally, after so many days waiting, the first order was on the pearl button Ton Van.

Proud mother of pearl buttons Vietnam

More orders, requests for technical and aesthetic Ton Van with mother of pearl buttons on a high. It was then he had to expand its factory in Binh Duong (within 1 ha), and enter three new laser engraved machine from Italy, each with a price higher than the price of a luxury car.

With the "dose" was, mother of pearl buttons Ton Van has taken the fashion apparel firm fastidious and perfectionist in every detail, such as Hugo Boss, Dior, Adidas, Van Laack, Oui, Escada, Ralph Lauren ...

The square hole pearl buttons engraved Hugo Boss exclusive, three-hole punched buttons unmistakable is the Van Laack, three buttons engraved with the name of Oui ... Ton Van have been successfully produced.

In the largest fashion show in Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo, after noticing buttons Ton Van, a complete product of Vietnam, is mounted on the costumes elegant and very expensive, probably Vietnamese people who are also proud.

Now, with the scale of exports from 3 to 4 million units / month, Ton Van pearl buttons were present in almost all countries and territories with the fashion industry development such as England, France, USA , Italy, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea ... bring in revenue millions every year, which ten years ago, he means not heard about.

Expanding the domestic market

Strangely, when foreign markets are very popular mother of pearl buttons Vietnam, right in the water, they have not been popular, while the garment enterprises frequently import from foreign-pearl buttons at the request of the applicant row, which is when, it was the mother of pearl buttons Ton Van.

Available from late nineteenth century in America, made ​​from pearl shell buttons, screws, also known as mother of pearl buttons that the author was John Fredrick Beopple, a native of Germany, immediately became a symbol of the trend prestigious fashion particularly popular. At that time, mother of pearl buttons to the level prevailing over 1 / 3 population of Muscatine, Iowa, United States engaged in manufacturing industrial products such as this. The city is also on record as "the capital of world fashion buttons." Even, it also established a museum in Iowa to honor the "cradle" formed, historical value as well as economic efficiency that has brought pearl buttons for the city. Today, mother of pearl buttons are positioned in the segment of high fashion by the purity, the pristine, peeled nà looks flawless and flowing with the natural heart.

So what business is like Vietnam Vietnam re-enter the cost of teams of up to 5-7 times. That's what he means I remembered it was decided to gradually conquer the domestic market.

He said: "At the start, mother of pearl buttons Ton Van domestic market is not accepted by that time Sun was still a small manufacturing base and completely unknown in the button industry.

But now things are different, Ton Van has become a production company with a professional orchestra of modern machinery and skilled workers.

Ton Van customers are fashion and clothing the most famous in the world.  Therefore, I fully believe pearl button Ton Van expanding in the domestic market, may serve the export business. "

"Back to nature" is becoming a global fashion trends. Features of this trend is focused use of materials, garment accessories close to nature, environment-friendly.

Foreseeing this trend in foreign countries, Ton Van succeeded. Hopefully in the near future, Ton Van pearl buttons will continue to be successful in bringing nature into Vietnam fashion, contributing to raising the Vietnamese fashion.

Written : Hải Lan - Báo DNSG