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Rice sandwiched VietMac sell shares to do business button

Wednesday, 02/11/2011, 07:56 GMT+7

Passing up investment funds and private enterprises, VietMac partners choose to sell shares and brand development in the south is a senior enterprise in the profession ... buttons.

VietMac company - with rice products such as McDonald holders of the Vietnamese - has completed the transfer of shares to a company in HCM City.

A fast food brand in Vietnam less than a lifetime, but had multiple partners "snoops". It is rather special, ignoring many investment funds and private sector partners are VietMac choose to sell shares and brand development in the south is a senior enterprise in the profession ... buttons.

Talking to Bloomberg surrounding this event, Ngo Trong Thanh, Chairman of the Board VietMac, said:

- VietMac is the result of interference between "salt sesame rice balls" and fastfood West. June last year when my family flew to New York on China Airlines flight, they let us eat rice balls, rice balls similar to the old days in my hometown. Suddenly intense memories of the past, and I told my wife about Vietnam when we would do something like that to sell in the market.

Now, when rice was sandwiched VietMac consumers in Hanoi welcomed as a product bearing the uniqueness of Vietnamese cuisine, affordable and consistent with the taste of many people, we will have to consider the open markets to other localities, including Ho Chi Minh City is the first destination.

However, market expansion and brand development in HCMC VietMac to be delivered on an enterprise specialized in making buttons. Is there any special reason, sir?

Honestly, even after a debut in Hanoi, many people offered to buy shares VietMac, but we do not sell. We are not so seriously to work successfully with partners is any field. Factors that we care, that enthusiasm and agility in their business. We are absolutely not afraid to risk with this contract.

Immediately after reading the newspaper knows VietMac Hanoi, Mr. Sun Thanh Nghia, Director Ton Van shirt button, have the same two children are students studying in the U.S. to fly to Hanoi to try it, then find Meet us to question the acquisition of shares.

What about my experience is just as well have never previously done work related to cooking. Thus, there was a foreign magazine interview I had never cooked, why he chose this profession. I answer, the nature of fastfood only two things only: one is marketing, management and the other is the production process.

The VietMac is in the process should be complete enough so need a passion and prestige in HCMC to expand into that market. We will apply the spiral model, ie, will begin in Hanoi, a breakthrough in Saigon and then create kick back in Hanoi. An expert in Malaysia, my teacher in the U.S. is well advised to be careful not smart failures, but I'm Vietnamese, I am confident understand Vietnamese culture and cuisine of the Vietnamese.

He is not afraid to risk when selling shares to the company Ton Van. So why sell only half of 5% compared with 10% of the proposed purchase?

We believe that value will VietMac two different years, it sold only half that proposal. I have spoken with colleagues from the building in the idea that, two years VietMac brand value would be 2 million, 3-4 years may be 7 million. Now, in this case the transfer of shares, brand valuation VietMac was 2.25 million. But it can also be of value zero, it depends on our efforts. That is the risk of the game that his brand to accept.