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Pick up the broken pieces of giants

, 04/01/2014, 09:04 GMT+7

( - The production of very small products such as fasteners, buttons, rubber washers, rubber bands ... even, but enterprises (companies) as Lidovit, Ton Van, Long Thanh, Vietnamese rubber has a large market associated with many famous brands of the world. But the companies are not doing so well spring of ancillary industries are very meager in Vietnam.

Sew buttons for adidas


Producing a single button simplicity to help small businesses access Ton Van major brands like Polo, Adidas, Hugo Boss ... and acquired the biggest factories in the UK, Germany.

When I entered the field of industrial rubber production, Nguyen Tuong Linh, Chairman and Managing Director Vietnam Rubber Company, said that he was doing a job that others are in need and the market are gaps .

It is the production of spare parts for machinery, production lines. According to his thinking parts, rubber products industry is small but it needs a lot of businesses and effectively bring both the ordering and processing is also very large.

Share of manufacturing value ancillary equipment, the director of a well-known dairy company said: "Sometimes it's a staging machine we enter in the cash rate, but only damaged a gasket every high su that must stop a chain activities. then, order a replacement part from overseas will take a long time, not to mention higher costs in the country to order. "

However, this difficulty was dissolved Rubber Vietnam, Mr. Ling explained: "The reason we do not get appreciated and, for the purpose of initial Rubber Vietnam is just enough to cover salaries, supplies materials, the basic cost ... But, in the long run, customers only need to go back 10 times that I have been depreciated machinery investment and the 11th is profitable. "

2013, over 3,000 companies have customers ordering transactions with Rubber Vietnam. In particular, many foreign enterprises not only order but also move products Rubber parts of Vietnam to foreign countries.

Who studied mechanical engineering and is one of the building from the early days Lidovit Company, Nguyen Duong Hieu, Chairman and CEO of JSC Lidovit Industry and Commerce, also shared reason to pursue the field because the screws manufacturing to developing supporting industries in Vietnam.

According to Principal, confusion of the manufacturing sector in particular screws and auxiliary components industry in general is probably due to many years of support is "disregard". He said: "Producing products to replace imports is extremely important.

For example, textile exports due to import a lot but most accessories can be high turnover but the value is mainly. Indeed, after years of producing screws, Lidovit has certain advantages compared with many competitors, especially China. 2013, the company has exported $ 600,000 and the product has provided many companies in the field of export processing wood, electric - electronic, mechanical assembly ...

The same desire to contribute to the development of ancillary industries to realize the export garment industry has a huge demand, but most materials have to be imported, Mr Ton Thanh Nghia, Director of Ton Company Ltd Buttons Van has decided to "give" professional Japanese translator to return to their previous jobs: production of shell buttons.

However, just as many people who expostulate, launched the first batch in 1997, due to the economic crisis means he touted everywhere but no one bought, even to bring the garment company also denied. Luckily see old customers is a Japanese company is in need of order.

At that time, Sun's products are continually belittle not nice, but that means he is reputable, inquisitive, perfectionist so this customer patience shown to perfection cons of each product. Over half a year later, increasing sales and customer also began to expand.

Nghia said: "Over the last number of orders that the product parts are small but not small needs. Indeed, the manufacturing sector brought about profit buttons pretty well, Per year, Sun Office achieved 20% growth, its turnover reached more than 1.5 million, more than three times over the past 5 years. customers from Hong Kong, Japan, Germany with many big brands such as Polo, Adidas, Hugo Boss ... ".

Currently, Ton Van also has done over a thousand acres buttons, mainly high-end real buttons. And to expand production and meet customer needs more diversity order as the type of horn buttons, buttons with colozo (a type of particle in the Americas) ..., Ton Van took part in the auction and all machinery purchased from a factory largest, oldest of England has just stop working, and also buy the biggest factories of Germany.

The number of machines purchased from two houses are now more than 4 containers. "With this equipment system, Ton Van enough extra plastic buttons, horn buttons, button by button with coloz and many other materials," said Nghia said.

But production is only elastic livelihood, but Mr. Le Van Thiem, Long Thanh business owners, recognizing the gaps in the market and the value of the product is very small but indispensable in many manufacturing industries.

With the initial product is the only small colorful elastic rope, but now Long Thanh has more elastic fibers for industrial use in diameter than an inch and a half.

Currently each month, DN Long Thanh Taiwan exported 54 tons of rubber bands, not to mention the shipment elastic "special" comes to America for the workers press release or elastic enough wire sizes used in medical or food of France, Japan, Italy ...

Or in the village of motorcycle industry support, DN Manh Quang each year providing nearly 8 million products spare pinion, drive chains, all kinds of motorcycle parts, accounting for nearly 20% of the market for the supply of products manufacturing and assembly of motorcycles in Vietnam, became partners specialize in providing motorcycle parts for major brands like Honda, SYM, sulfate, Detech, Lifan ...

The DN Manh Quang like to contribute to building a network of support for the motorcycle industry. From where 100% is imported from abroad, industry support in the field of manufacture and assembly of motorcycles in Vietnam was able to produce about 70% of its components, parts, contributing to high localization rate of motorcycle products manufactured in Vietnam.

Small, large investment

For continuous revenue growth, real businesses, "small" is not only persist but also to have the investment strategy, innovation expensive. "It has been under production sectors to support the best quality new customers are long-lasting hold, "meaning he concluded. So, 17 years ago, the secret of success of Ton Van is constant technical innovation, technology and machinery. because, if you have good technique the higher productivity, reduced failure rates, resulting in cheaper, faster delivery time.

"At first start-up, due to expensive imported machines should I make homemade machines. A year later, I bought the old factory in Korea, about 4, 5 years after purchase of Germany, Taiwan and the superior machine called laser cutting machine is to buy a new font technology of the U.S. ... Thanks to improved machinery, should I do more than design, almost all sample customer is required to do, the better samples, quality ", he said.

Similarly, Mr. Ling also said that, although the rubber industry is an industry technical side but very positive and always follow the development of the industry.Therefore, though very expensive investment for Rubber Testing Laboratory techniques of international standards that result is rather "invisible" but he said the Spirit, "in 2013, we have invested more than 14 billion modern equipment for the production of polyurethane rubber products including rubber production cycle, axes, grinding equipment and automated production molds. Through large-capacity equipment, orders should be shortened very fast, production time is reduced 10 times. rubber shaft grinder too, just 2 hours grinding time for the plot axis complex surface, rather than 20 hours as before ".

Lidovit company has continuously improved the product through the machine 6 new investment by 2012 to increase production and product specialization, increased uniformity, and to bring high quality products.Meanwhile, Quang Manh factory has 4 production plant is equipped with modern equipment from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, such as CNC machine tools, CNC lathes, CNC drills and taro, 150 tons high speed stamping machine ... This is a system of machinery manufacturing motorcycle parts and largest scale in Vietnam today.

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Written : LỮ Ý NHI - THẢO MINH