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Award Awards 2nd TNLVC: Honor, respect, pride

, 13/10/2012, 11:16 GMT+7

Ceremony Talent Award Luong Van Can was 1-2011

2012 is the second season, Talent award Luong Van Can (GTTN LVC) by Entrepreneur Magazine Sai Gon (DNSG) and Entrepreneurs Club Saigon (DNSG Club) jointly held. With the enthusiasm of those who paved the way, we - the propagation of enrichment "Honesty and hospitality means" of celebrity Luong Van Can - though still want to continue the plan, still felt proud to look back to those passing through.

These figures demonstrate enthusiasm

GTTN LVC time 2/12012 start date of 12/01/2012. According to the competition's, contestants (TS) through three rounds: Round 1 - Knowledge of thought, religion enrichment of celebrity Luong Van Can, and English proficiency (TS online article) ; within 2 - Concept Development (TS wrote two essays on director of enrichment Luong Van Can and summary business idea); 3 - Protection of previous projects Board of Examiners (HDGK).

End of Round 1 (05/15/2012), the Organizing Committee (BTC) has received submissions from nearly 2,000 students across the country. 188 candidates have been selected for the second round. After 1 months of hard work, the jury (jury) selected 90 projects to attend the next 3 - SV protection schemes before HDGK.

HDGK by Prof. Dr. Vo Tong Xuan President, has divided the project into 6 themes. The jury members were also divided into groups equivalent, must take the time to consider each project prior to the interview.

In less than half a month (16-28/8), 13 interviews were held, including one online interview (with two bridge HCMC and Hoi An, Quang Nam) and 1 directly in Hanoi, the remaining sessions took place in HCM City.

And finally, HDGK has selected 33 outstanding students with innovative business ideas get business ideas Luong Van Can - "business hospitality means" mainstream, highly feasible and protect threads Court awards success before HDGK to the 2nd GTTN LVC / 2012.

"The spirit of the speaker"

The result is success not only for the contestants, but also of all those who have devoted spirit, intellectual and financial resources for this playground.

10 million for each student winner is not a large amount, not enough to make their dreams come true, but the significance of this award is enormous.

It is an honor wisdom, creativity, spirit of learning, the dynamics and especially business ethics awareness of the younger generation - the future business. BTC and all those who participate in this program are very emotional personal finance the entire value of the award on condition of anonymity. He is a businessman, had co-operated with the program since its launch.

It comes to the success of the 2012 season, not to mention about the donors have contributed funds to the organization, as an investment for the future of the country's economy. That's the business: Travel services company TST (TST brand Tourist), Mi Co., Ltd. Hong (Red Gold brand Mi), SMC Trading Investment Corporation (SMC brand), JSC Anh Duong Vietnam (brand Vinasun) and Norfolk Group.

Activities of the program not only encapsulated in the round between the contestants with HDGK. In place award process, BTC has designed the meeting between entrepreneurs and university students (University): Agriculture and Forestry University, Can Tho University, the University of Danang, Dalat University, University of Finance - Quang Ngai Accounting, University of Economics and Foreign Trade University in Hanoi.

Entrepreneurs participating in this exchange program (self-pay travel costs, accommodation) in addition to acting speaker - to share experiences settle, to answer questions about the business knowledge to students, and are donors to contribute to Entrepreneur Scholarship Fund to give poor students eager to learn practical gift.

We call it "the spirit of the speaker." In difficult economic times, many unstable business environment today, the spirit was more worthy of the honor.

From the contributions of entrepreneurs, BTC has given 140 scholarships ($ 2.5 million / rate) for students 7 schools across the country.

Do not stop in the reward

After the first season, from the aspirations of the students won, BTC guidance and support to the children established club (club) Talent Luong Van Can.

The First Congress, the club's 2012-2014 term was held on 20.05.2012. At this event, they have identified the principle activities of the club is "Ethics - Honesty - Innovation - Success - Learning Nation"; club's mission is to spread ideas direct enrichment of celebrity Salary community still needs to students - future entrepreneurs.

Club is a place for youth and students learning together, improve knowledge and develop skills to become an entrepreneur, the potential connection of each other to offer the best for the country; bridge between successful business people and students passionate about entrepreneurship.

With the help of both financial experience of BTC, which is playing a practical, useful for young people passionate about business.

Last time, the club has implemented a number of activities typical as implementing projects Student Wash. - laundry free for students (court has reached GTTN LVC 2011); visit in order to establish cooperation projects Export with shell buttons Ton Van Company Office; attended writing skills organized by Saigon Entrepreneur Newspaper ...

2012 close season, BTC began preparing to be ready to welcome students to the new season of GTTN LVC - "intellectual playground for the young and also the places for entrepreneurs expressed interest his blood in the transmission of force and fire for the next generation "(comment of Mr. Van Duc Muoi the speakers, members HDGK).

Huynh Khanh Hiep, deputy director of the HCMC Department of Industry and Commerce:

I found very interesting and exciting contest. GTTN LVC has fueled the students, to contribute to building a new generation of talented entrepreneurs to Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general.

Historian Duong Trung Quoc:

Referred to specific Luong Van Can we talk to the specific tools you need - Dean of the School of Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc. Through education at school with his books, Luong Van Can strong cheer spirit "make the country rich." Rich, prosperous new wisdom, new escape from the shackles of colonialism and feudalism.

Prof. Dr.. Vo Tong Xuan, Rector of Tan Tao University:

The program is highly social activity of the Newspaper DNSG and DNSG club, show extreme social responsibility of business. Gradually popular religion honest business, to understand the meaning of Luong Van Can Improve business ethics for young people, limiting the unfortunate incident ...

Now, religion is not enough business, but must be a moral man, honest in his business, be honest with customers, so they created their own brand. I think GTTN LVC is a worthy award for young talents have ideas of business.

Nguyen Thu Thao students won GTTN LVC 2011
The award is a platform to help me feel more confident

After winning GTTN LVC 2011, I received a diploma with honors Lotus International Studies University - UBI (Belgium) and the company Louis Dreyfus Commodities assignment in Uganda (East Africa) to find out in-depth the coffee industry. Then returned to Vietnam to continue the establishment of sub-sectors in the supply chain of Arabica Louis Dreyfus Commodities.

From the process of finding materials when making submissions this award, combined with the knowledge taught in school, I have a grasp of the problem and implemented consistent with realistic problems. Most importantly is that I acquired in the business ethics. Philosophy of the mind of a particular trader of Luong Van Can has and always will be a guide for all things sustainable development.

The award is the launch pad to help me feel more confident in the development of the retail system "The coffee timbre" - brought the beans from the garden of the farmers into the hands of consumers. It is time for the Vietnamese people deserve the finest coffee beans from their own country.
We are a family

I came to the club talent Luong Van Can (TNLVC) since the club was founded in the early days of eager, full of pride but also a lot of concern. And from the first moment, a kind of hunch tells me that it will be a place to support their adult step.

We day, candidates achieve GTTN LVC in 2011 have never known each other, but right from the beginning to meet together to paint the first definition picture "house" TNLVC. It's a squiggly design of young people have not experienced but enthusiastic. Fortunately, we have her uncle, a brother, sister at Alert DNSG, club DNSG who have experienced ahead and spend a lot of enthusiastic young people have shaped and repair for us, so that we get a decent room design. And our toddler built the first brick, step by step in a long journey.

Le Thi Ngoc Linh - Chairman of the club TNLVC

The process of sticking together, been through many difficulties and challenges, club TNLVC has brought me many valuable things. It is not only new opportunities, new avenues open up in my bag of hope. It is not simply valuable experience that I shared or own experience through each difficulty faced. It is not just the happiness when I accomplish what you desire with like-minded people, or joy luck as there are always people at the side of guidance, support ... The most important thing is that I actually see me grow up superior to a "me" small day to dare is "I" more mature, to become a "we" are always next to each other to the a "baby blocks" solid.

I know I belong here. We spent the belief in love, the fire of enthusiasm and passion for great family club TNLVC. +

The organizers

1. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh - Editor DNSG, President of BTC DNSG club head.
2. Ms. Phan Thi Tuyet Mai - Deputy chairman Standing DNSG Club: Deputy Permanent BTC.
3. Mr. Ngo Vi Dong - Vice President DNSG Club: Deputy Secretary of BTC for the North.
4. Mr. Tran Do, Chairman of the Board of Directors Dong Silk: Deputy Chief of BTC in charge of the central region.
5. Mr. Lai Minh Duy - General Director of TST Tourist: Deputy Secretary of BTC for the South.
6. Mr. Nguyen Tan Huy Q. Club Secretary DNSG: BTC Commissioner in charge of the event.
7. Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa - the editorial secretary DNSG Electronics: BTC Commissioner in charge of communication.
8. Board Chairman Luong Van Can Talent Club: In charge of the students.

Advisory Council

1 / GS-TS. Vo Tong Xuan
2 / Historian Duong Trung Quoc
3 / PGS-TS-BS. Nguyen Hoai Nam
4 / The diplomat Ton Nu Thi Ninh
5 / PGS-TS. Tran Hoang Ngan
6 / TS. Le Truong Tung.

Board of Examiners

1 / GS-TS. Vo Tong Xuan, Rector of Tan Tao University.
2 / Mr. Lai Minh Duy - Chairman of the Joint Services Travel and TST Trade.
3 / Ngo Thi Bau - Director Production Co., Ltd-TM Nguyen Tam (Foci).
4 / Mr. Pham Phu Truong - Chairman Truong Loc Group.
5 / Van Duc Muoi, general director of Vietnam Company Limited Technology Animal Products (Vissan).
6 / Ba Huynh Thi Thu Ha - Chairman ENT Hospital in Saigon.
7 / Ms Nhan Huc Quan, Director General Wrapping Paper Co. aluminum NewToyo.
8 / Ms. Le Thi Thanh Lam, deputy general director of Saigon Food Corporation.
9 / Mr Le Truong Tung - Rector of the University of FPT.
10 / Mr. Ngo Vi Dong - Chairman of the Board of Directors JSC Information Technology Services HPT.
11 / Mr. Nguyen Trong Quan, General director German Trading Co., Ltd. China.
12 / Ms. Phan Thi Tuyet Mai, CEO Co., Ltd. Aquatic Resources.
13 / Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan, Chairman of BMG International Corporation (Brain Mark).
14 / Mr. Tran Thai Do - Director of the Company, Ltd Oriental Silk.
15 / PSG-TS BS. Nguyen Hoai Nam.
16 / Mr. Nguyen Dinh Full - Director of Manufacturing IDT.

Written : PHAN THỊ TUYẾT MAI - Phó chủ tịch Thường trực CLB DNSG, Phó trưởng Ban tổ chức