Bankruptcy, do not do the clinically dead

, 09/03/2013, 10:57 GMT+7

While facing the output slump, businesses continued to face the risk of rising input prices. This situation pushed DN, loss, bankruptcy, not is also clinically dead.

Do not dare production

Many businesses (DN) reported losses in recent years largely due to inventory is too high, the output slump.

Le Quang Doan, Director of the Company, Ltd Minh Dieu said: "The biggest challenge today is the consumption goods market decline. Whether companies have the capital to produce but do not consume goods, then there is "dead". His company is also facing a lot of difficulties, narrow production due to a sale. Production capacity is only 45% compared to before. Manufacturing companies in moderation because as many losses as well because the buildup was too much.

Mr. Nguyen Luu Tuong, Director of Import-Export Joint Stock Company Nha said: "The businesses themselves to fall into a vicious circle: no selling, inventory, lack of capital, high interest bank loans, debt not paid then dead ... ".

Whether producing hard sell but companies still have to work for maintain relationship with customers as well as maintaining the manpower and machinery. Currently many companies are undertaking policy narrow production, employing more staff, reduced production from 3 shifts / day to 2 shifts / day ... to wait through a difficult period.

Ask some questions now that, if you have money, what would you do? Most do not know that they will do anything to revive the operations is increasingly difficult. Because the output is blocked. Therefore, Thai Vo Lam, director of News Corporation Lac Tien said: "Let the self-managed enterprise funds for operations. State should concentrate buyers to stimulus ".

Meanwhile, representatives of cooperatives Sao Mai said, if the money will be transferred to other service models to survive. If you are a service business, the business type conversion is relatively simple. But if the production companies is not easy ".

According to experts, market regulation is not in a day or two, the company is also difficult to control in the context of the current market.

Do not dare to stay permanently

Difficulties surrounded, but most companies are forced to operate by the orders in advance. Some are gong exists to keep the relationship, customers wait on the market to prosper again.

However, while the company is trying to maintain a minimum, the input to the unit prices causing many businesses as trying as deeper into crisis due both to bear losses.

Truong Chi Thien, director of food Vinh Thanh Dat, said: "The foreign companies in the same industry price must always be supported with input from the parent company. Meanwhile domestic enterprises are struggling with the rising raw material so the competition is very hard. Facing rising prices of raw materials unit had sent a dispatch to the customer expect sympathy, and for permission to increase prices. To avoid shock opening we only adjust prices moderate, just about 1/4 of the price of raw materials increased.

"This means the company must accept to adjust production, squeeze the entire cost of production in order to reduce losses. But also more difficult to avoid producing more holes "

This condition is for businesses are: the bankruptcy not clinically dead.

Recently, for the enterprise information construction, steel prices have made it difficult. In the first week of March the price of steel has simultaneously increased the price of 160,000 - 200,000 VND / ton.

He said Do Duy Thai, general director of Pomina, the adjustment of the price of steel as raw material prices are skyrocketing, especially imported scrap materials used to produce steel.

Parallel to the narrow business, many companies have cut jobs, wage increases with increasing hours to not hire more workers though supply still missing. In addition, many businesses have reduced the intermediate position, only recruit the really important positions or request a part-time employee with higher pay. On the other hand, given the criteria for saving electricity and water; must save 15% / a product; reduce the consumption of raw materials and supplies more than 20% ...

Le Quang Thanh, General Director of Animal Feed Co., Ltd. Thai Duong, said: "The radical solution is now only dare to make a business plan in the previous year, did not even dare give profit targets. It is unknown reaction of the partners, if they do not accept synonymous with consumption declining business also suffered.

Written : VEF