Toyoko Inn startup project 100 hotels in Vietnam

, 23/02/2013, 08:15 GMT+7

( - "If in Japan, the Group has built 243 3-star hotel, in Vietnam's plan 100 hotels. Yesterday is the first step to that dream. "

Nishida President Norimasa, Founder Group Toyoko Inn. began so when revealed "biggest dream" of his in Vietnam is not to build five-star hotel, which is a class hotel (3 stars).

Mr. Nishida Norimasa spoke at the seminar to introduce investment projects to build 100 hotels in Vietnam of Toyoko Inn Group (Japan) by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (Union) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) jointly held in Hanoi on 22/2.

Answered a reporter's question why invest in Vietnam, Nishida Norimasa said Japan and Vietnam have many similarities, the territory stretching from north to south, a population of nearly 100 million people. In the long run, the Vietnamese economy will grow more current, so Toyoko Inn believes the project will be a success thanks to economies of scale.

Evaluation of investment cooperation, President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations Vu Xuan Hong said: In 2013, Vietnam and Japan celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations. Japan is an important economic partner of Vietnam. On foreign direct investment in Vietnam, Japan, No. 3/84 countries and territories with the total registered capital investment but the head of the capital made.

In recent years, the two governments constantly promote the comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, especially the strategic economic projects. Toyoko Inn project in Vietnam is a big project, carried out by a professional investment world class. The project was successfully implemented will be demonstrated specifically contribute to further deepen the Vietnam-Japan friendship.

At the conference, on behalf of the VCCI and the business community in Vietnam, Doan Duy Khuong, VCCI Vice Chairman of appreciation Japanese investment projects in Vietnam in the current period and for that, this is the event Economic diplomacy is significant in the context of friendship and cooperation relations between the two countries in areas such as trade, tourism, culture ... is a positive development.

He Doan Duy Khuong hoped, the project put into operation will contribute to promoting tourism cooperation and investment between the two countries, thus contributing to promoting the image of Vietnam to the world and promote tourism activities tourism, investment and business in Vietnam.

Some local representatives, the business community in the field of tourism, hotels, real estate, Vietnam has expressed concern about the new investment projects from Japanese partners.

According to Nishida Norimasa, business objectives of Toyoko Inn is to provide our customers the service style: "An interest-Comfortable-Clean-reasonable price." The uniqueness of Toyoko Inn is pursuing criteria thoroughly.

Assessment of the Vietnam just Japanese high economic growth period begins, Mr. Nishida Norimasa for that growth requires infrastructure. Hotel system is one of them. Group's business model is "win-win relationship." It is the relationship between the owner and the hotel operator and mutual benefit based on customer satisfaction.

Accordingly, the Toyoko Inn is the hotel operator will lease the hotel owner. Construction will be provided by hotel owners to take and Toyoko Inn will advance 20% of the construction costs and pay a fixed monthly rental. Group will lease for 20-30 years.

On the first place Toyoko Inn expected for hotel development cooperation in Vietnam, Mr. Nishida Norimasa important share of the hotel location is in the big cities, where the population concentration of 100,000 people or more and gateway traffic (before the station, next to the airport, etc.) - this is the root element of the high-use room rate.

Besides the criteria such as: land built around 1500-3000 m2. Hotel from 10-12 buildings, ranging in size from 150-250 rooms and public service facilities. Japan take on the design.

Answer questions representative of many Vietnamese enterprises on supply capacity to organize international guests to the hotel system, Mr. Nishida Norimasa said, building experience in Korea and China showed that, when building 1 new hotel, the number of people coming from Japan about 5-fold increase compared to the previous. From experience and criteria for selection of the location, service (female chief executive, learning responsibility, the support of the parent company), the company has become Japan's largest hotel chain by number of rooms after 27 years of development.

"We recognize that the plan carried out in phases 1 in Vietnam will open 10-20 hotels instead of a few small hotels. Scale has just enough meaning on the basis of infrastructure, ensuring the viability of the investment loan, "Mr. Nishida Norimasa said.

This is a big project assessment, carried out by a professional investment aimed at expanding the facilities, improving the quality of tourism services business in Vietnam, thereby promoting the image of Vietnam with international friends and to promote tourism, economic, representatives of the Union, VCCI and Toyoko Inn Corporation has signed documents affirming the commitment of the Union and VCCI investment support Toyoko Inn Group in Vietnam. /.

Written : Hoàng Thị Hoa (TTXVN)