"Commercial documents online" - attractive jobs in 2013

Thursday, 21/02/2013, 07:59 GMT+7

( - 2012 has closed, with investors considered trafficking "witness" failure. For brokers, money savings interest than playing "evidence".

As for small investors, wholesale money online, wholesale bonsai profit more ... But many investors have in mind one thing, "evidence" is harsh but still attractive and interesting. Expected investment in 2013, many investors still choose trafficking "evidence" and considered it still an attractive career, higher income in 2013.

2012: Sad more fun

Summary 2012, many traders "evidence" are failures. Both in peripheral integrity only a few big waves, "stock" dropped dramatically, most many investors do not run up, stuck ... But the crew played fluently, basically there is not much interest. In short, 2012 play "witness" sad than happy.

Nguyen Thi Hien Mai - an SSI investors on floor 10 years with the "evidence" - commented this year played very well under the "crew" capital, focused capital resources, play a new wave may be 8-10% interest. "Certificate" extreme case, many investors empty-handed ... "But those who have been trot investment in this profession, it is difficult to remove, it's like gamblers thirsty pursuit to expectations chance to me," Mai said.

According to many investors, years 2012 CP on TTCKVN and is at its worst in history. Until now, many symbol are dealing with below face value (10.000d/CP).

2012 was also the year that saw investors many single things stand, many people give up his career disrupted to fully grown plants, fruit wholesale ... There are investors, labor problems in the past. The story of his Hoang Xuan Quyen former director Lien Viet Securities (LVS) is an example. As experienced investors, himself Shenzhen do not think that one day I will give law enforcement agencies. Because mortgage agrees to OTC shares in the company, he has caused damage to the LVS of 40 billion. If the measurement is the share price plummeted, he certainly Shenzhen will not risk ...

Attractive trade online stock trades 2013

"Everything is up, from gold," capital ", to vegetables, each CK is down" - a capital investors auditors-pity to comment. In fact, cash flow is not necessarily exhausted, but more accurate cash flow sleeping. With investors now "evidence" absorbed into the blood, is expected to know where to get enough sleep, will wake up cash flow is still an obsession. The proof is in spite of the stock market in 2012 meager waves last year with the CP code like the DRC (Joint caosu Da Nang), LAS (compact super phosphate Lam Thao) ... still spectacular price increases cause how investors "eating enough". Drop 600 million on the "bottom" of the market, in the last wave, an investor who had surprised many people when she said "courts" are more than 200 million profit.

"The only problem is time. The market is challenging the patience of the most senior investors. Therefore, the professional online play CK is still a trend of investors choice in 2013 "- this lucky investors said.

Ms. Flowers-a computer investors holding more than holding her baby - said one day Internet outage or slow down a bit crazy. Stock changes every hour, this is a trend trading stock of 2013. Access to multiple sources of information, there are idle money, take advantage of the time of day at the desk and in particular they can online 24/24h on the floor trading. Even the website for the "Office mothers" web as babies, heart VN Online, before these are sites that you regularly visit their hunt to purchase goods or exchange experiences to raise children, but now also be used for stock transactions, "red" stock market information.

Undeniably, the convenience of the Internet is increasingly attracting non-professional investors in the stock market. From the old man retired with little pay to successful companies, but still want more wealth. Information about the company, the market and numerous additional documents so you can tranfer knowledge regularly. Currently, most brokers will allow you to place buy and sell orders through the phone or the Internet. Due to the convenience brought, notary wholesale online is expected to be the most prevalent occupations in 2013.

With green color but not much of the first session of the new year You billion, TTCKVN are power transaction processing is quite good, the speculative code to the blue chips are increasing liquidity soared every day ..., many investors are negative y for a new opportunity!

Written : Theo Lao Động