For hundreds of millions of dollars from excess bread

, 02/03/2013, 08:17 GMT+7

Meyer Luskin is a businessman and current from Los Angeles, USA. His assets in 2013 reached up to $ 1 billion. Scope Industries of billionaires is a proactive process recycling bread into animal feed.

Founded in 1950, the company now has become a "print money" with sales over $ 120 million per year.

Meyer Luskin is a billionaire media actively hunt but very quiet. Will never see him appear on the Forbes magazine and television to boast of terrorist assets. The only time Meyer told the public in 2011 after he donated $ 100 million to UCLA where he studied. This is a personal gift of great value the university has ever received.

Meyer Luskin is 87 years old, is the founder and CEO of Scope Industries, Los Angeles-based recycling business bread and cereal products obsolete largest use of U.S..

Under U.S. law, the shop will have to remove all kinds of bread, cakes, pies ... if they are expired. They were not even allowed to donate old bread for the homeless for reasons of hygiene and health. The problem is that even the small bakery oven according to household waste also not small amounts of waste, let alone the large production facilities. Meanwhile, the destruction of a mass terrorist bread down so extremely expensive. Scope thus appeared. They design and build industrial waste presses, custom installed in hundreds of businesses produce waste transfer and for people to go several times a week.

The business started from there. They not only get money from the production facility for the removal of garbage, great than Scope longer sell them to a third party with a large sum of money. After collecting the product damaged, expired, their trucks will move them to one of 12 treatment plants across the country. Bread, cakes, tortillas, pizza, potato damage .... is pureed, dried and baked into "dried bread product". Farmers around the world to buy this product Scope for food for horses, cattle, chickens ....

Scope Industries is a privately held company with 100 owned by billionaire Meyer Luskin with annual sales of over $ 112 million. It is important that Scope was making money by turning things others away into gold.

This is a great business model. Many people believe that the success story of Luskin is a surprise and also the inspiration for the business world on a journey to conquer money with innovative ideas, unique.

Written : Thái Anh/VEF