The operation "consume" the most time in the office

Thursday, 28/03/2013, 07:44 GMT+7

( - In my work life, unconscious actions that you can not recognize them as a waste of time and affect productivity and quality of your work.

In the early days, you set a goal to become an employee to work more efficiently. You go to work early, fully prepared for the meeting. You positive and focus on the requirements of customers / colleagues. You become "a well lubricated machine work".

But after 3 months, you start to stagnate. Sitting in front of the computer working but do not focus 100% for it. A recent study by the University of Kansas found that 60 - 80% of staff time on the Internet being used for purposes other than work. Surfing phenomenon in companies becoming more popular.

In particular, we often waste time on the following activities:

Check personal email

This seemingly innocuous but in fact many employees personal mailbox open all day and personal e-mail is usually the gate leading to distraction. Open the mail box all day, you can update your friends' latest activities, recreation plans, answer back ... and then realize you forgot to email the company. In addition, the email system often have online chat function, and it can take you into the endless chit chat.

Update social network

2012, web published a diagram embarrassing information indicates the social networks like Facebook, Twitter influence how our work yields: Facebook is one of the sources of wasted time time; staff interrupted every 10.5 minutes in the tweet stream and message; staff took about 23 minutes to return to work after using the social network, and each user's wasted nearly 4500 companies dollars a year for social networking.

Play game

Check out the latest activities of the Facebook status update only takes a few seconds. One of the features of Facebook like games Candy Crush Saga and Bejewled Blitz really a waste of company time. According to, 25% of active Facebook users every month to play games while a member of this social networking site is more than 1 billion people.

Watch video

Possibilities are endless. From Gangnam Style, video Harlem Shake ... Youtube has a lot of "crash" period and affect office workers. In addition, many large news sites also have video functions, especially those important events to be reported directly. This contributes to making you take time to surf this video to another video while the original purpose is just to read one article.

Shopping online

Shopping online is one of the most time consuming operation of the office. The voucher discounts in online sales pages, and then compare prices at different websites ... all will make you lose quite a bit of time that should be used for the job.

Planning for wedding

To a 2012 survey by and WeddingChannel shows the 1 in 3 brides spend more than 12 months for their big day and all brides to share their survey participation for an average of 11 hours / week for 3 months before the wedding to prepare activities. But that is not personal time. 77% of them admitted they had "enlist" time in hours of work to plan for your wedding.

Financial Management

Another study by the University of Kansas shows that employees of all ages admitted to waste time working. The cause of this waste is very diverse. Older employees do not use social networking, gaming as young colleagues. Instead, they take the time to manage money, calculate the revenues and expenditures of the family, pay taxes, utilities ...

Job Search

Looking for work is considered to be full-time job. However, many people still have jobs. Interview at lunchtime or tell your boss you need to go out is the proper way to control the process of finding the "secret" of you. But secretly surfing the web looking for, fill out the job application during office hours is not recommended.

Whether the day working in the company, you need to have a short respite to recharge but please know a reasonable allocation. Do not get caught up in their own work, it is hard to pull it out and affect the performance of your company.

Written : Usnews