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( - Grand prize Singing forever blue 2013 he went to Nguyen Duy Dung, contestants Hoi An people love not only because of the taste, but also because the vocals for hospitality Draft, gentle ...

Mirror filial

In the final gala night forever Singing Blue 3, 2013, the audience could not hear contestants rough loss Nguyen Duy Dung singing Inviting parents to play an outpouring of emotion. That was a song that he dedicated to his own mother.

During the 7, 8 years ago, he was still more residents Dung Hoi known as a mirror dutiful, devoted many years taking care of her sick in bed.

Image 46 year old man innocent as a child when the mother, mother provoke laughter, her fans for cooling, causing many people not from emotion.

Anh Dung and her companions in the clip of the program - Snapshot from clip

Although just a souvenir in Hoi An but Dung said he was happy to be contented with living near her, care for her.

As he is quite shy but "is a love song" no matter the cultural tradition. Passion for singing the "Hoi boys' foster participation by local movements and often performed in small cafes in the neighborhood of ancient acquaintance every weekend.

Anh Dung revealed when a friend in the city to encourage participation Singing forever green, he had the guts to pack in Ho Chi Minh City, determined to win myself ... stand on the big stage once said.

Candidates Dung Nguyen Duy won first prize in 2013 singing forever green
Anh Dung hugged their little girl after all these dates in mind

During the last night of competition, Nguyen Duy Dung always appreciate when cleverly chosen songs and anguish filled climax, can help achieve healthy and silky voice of his as he shot just the wrong Austria, Inviting parents to go out ...

Talking about the process involved singing forever green, he said: "It is time to take the exam transient regret long away from home, miss my family. She was the youngest child of three, does not bother to call. "

In return, Mr. Dung many fellow fans Hoi An affection. In previous gala, organizers revealed about a sister restaurant in Hoi An Market pork was really hanging cardboard sheet inscription: "Vote for Nguyen Duy Dung!" In a laughing audience before a cheering lovely fellow.

It is known that before the final night, Hoi An people to donate money to his wife and children can fly direct to Ho Chi Minh City in the night to hear him sing this decision takers.

The dream of building 4 for wife

With 62.62%, Nguyen Duy Dung has won the most outstanding final 2013 Singing forever green. Sharing the award feelings, he said: "It's too emotional, too imaginative. Grateful I loved everything. Thanks everybody in marketplaces, thank you uncle shrimp , butcher. I also thank comments heartfelt words of the jury ... ".

Himself as the man of few words, Mr. Dung was used in singing the song to me because it gave the audience instead thank her sincerely.

Gallantry to share the joy with his wife on the stage
Dung's family are present in the final night

As for the final prize awards $ 100 million (including a $ 50 gift voucher million), Dung said: "The town gives me a piece of land for 10 years, now I will use the money prize to build a house for his wife and children level 4, the remaining two children shopping for a computer for the children education. At his home, as well as building costs between one hundred (million). therefore this is redundant bonuses build it. "

Ask him about the intention to pursue a singing career, he shook his head as to the proper capital calm, new life for the first time away from home for so long to go green forever singing contest, so I hope to be back soon back to previous lives, with their mothers, sisters and brothers with their wives and children.

"I've got old after the contest so just want to go back home to sing for the people I listen to Hoi An. But if several months have been invited to sing a trip somewhere, like to travel, I would love to! "Dung shared.

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